September 29, 2012

Baltimore to Portland

May 28th, Waynesboro, PA to Bedford, PA

May 29th, Bedford PA


July 12th, Dubois, WY to Jackson, WY
We crossed Togwotee Pass going from Dubois to Jackson, WY; shortly after the pass, we caught sight of the Grand Tetons for the first time. This was a plenty-of-pictures day; we stopped constantly to marvel at the snow-capped Tetons so near and the Snake River separating us from the mountains.

July 13th, Hiking in the Grand Tetons (Jackson, WY)




July 21st, Twin Falls, ID to Mountain Home, ID

July 24th, Boise, ID to Cambridge, ID

August 25th, Cambridge, ID to Baker, OR
We rode from Cambridge to Baker through Hell's Canyon; these fields of view do very little justice to the starkness and majesty of the descent and climb into and out of the canyon.



July 30th, Bend, OR to Eugene, OR
From Bend we rode to Eugene across the Cascades, crossing at McKenzie Pass.
At the summit of the pass, we were surrounded by an ancient lava flow; we could see the incredible peaks of the Sisters from a small stone observatory building. After the summit, over 5300 feet above sea level, we had a terrific downhill towards Eugene. We descended to under 1000 feet for the first time since central Nebraska over a pretty short distance, across many gnarly curves!

August 1st, Corvallis, OR to Tillamook, OR

August 2nd: Tillamook, OR to Cannon Beach, OR!

August 3rd, Cannon Beach, OR to Beaverton, OR

August 4th, Beaverton, OR to Portland, OR!

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August 03, 2012

Blink and life flies by.

Blink and life flies by. Biking from the Atlantic to the Pacific is in my past now.

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August 02, 2012

Day 68 -- Tillamook to

Day 68 -- Tillamook to Canon Beach. Pacific Ocean, let's go!

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August 01, 2012

Day 67 -- Corvallis to

Day 67 -- Corvallis to Tillamook. We are really that far...

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July 31, 2012

Halfway to Corvallis. After that,

Halfway to Corvallis. After that, only Tillamook separates us from the Pacific.

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Before riding to Corvallis, Team

Before riding to Corvallis, Team Portland needs waffles. @4KPortland

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Day 66 -- Eugene to

Day 66 -- Eugene to Corvallis. An easy day on the heels of a 116mi day. So close to the Pacific! @4KPortland

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July 29, 2012

Day 64 -- Rest day

Day 64 -- Rest day in Bend, OR; in the shadows of the majestic Cascades.

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July 18, 2012

Crossing Country and Catching Up, part 1

From when I last wrote, on Day 12 of the 4K, through today, we have traveled from Cincinnati, OH, to American Falls, ID. We crossed through Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky; through Chicago and western Illinois; through rolling hills in Iowa and seas of corn in Nebraska; and through high desert in eastern Colorado to Denver. In Des Moines, Iowa, six of us stayed with a fantastic member of the community, Shelly Carman. Across Nebraska, we rode along some of the original 4K route -- Fairbury, Franklin, and the little delight of Arapahoe. We experienced brutal heat and headwinds and we enjoyed small-town hospitality. Through eastern and central Colorado, we steadily climbed from the midwestern plain to over a mile above sea level. And in Denver, on the night of July 3rd, we enjoyed fireworks and music in a public park.

IMG_6550Welcome to ArapahoeColorful ColoradoDenver fireworks

On July 4th, we rode north from Denver to Boulder, Colorado. The ride from Denver to Boulder was different from any previous day on the ride -- we were able to ride with a number of 4K alumni and with 4K Team San Francisco! Emma (Seattle 2011), Chris (Portland 2011), Dana (4K 2010), and Terence (4K 2010) joined us on the night of the 3rd in Denver and Team SF met us on the morning of the 4th. It was wonderful to see alumni so dedicated to 4K and it was neat to meet Team SF, folks who've gone through to the same broad experiences as us. It was also neat to see two friends on Team SF again, Peter and Marilyn, most-of-a-country away from Baltimore and send-off.
4K 2010 Alumni"Two can play that game"Portland and SF

Into Boulder, I rode with Brad and Andrea, along with three folks from Team SF. Along the route, we climbed and descended some gentle hills while the majestic Rockies loomed through haze.
Brad & MountainsPhotography on the move

On July 5th, we had a much-needed rest day in Boulder; Boulder was a hip, active town, a good place for a rest day.

What do we do on a rest day? Most of the time, we sleep in, catch up on blogging and calls, do laundry, and generally take it easy.

On this particular rest day, however, Brad, Yoshi, and I had other plans. We woke up at a "luxurious" 6 AM to bike up Flagstaff Mountain, one of the Flatirons. The mountain was an incredible challenge, with stretches hitting over a 17% grade in the thin mile-high atmosphere. Brad, Yoshi, and I each climbed at our own pace and met at a few rest points along the way; the highest point was 7,800 ft above sea level, roughly 2,000 ft above Boulder. I was and am so glad that I challenged myself at Flagstaff and that Brad and Yoshi were able to lead me up the mountain. It still floors me what physical trials we are able to overcome with the support of our teammates.
False summit of Flagstaff Mtn.Climbing Flagstaff Mtn.Alien crossing on Flagstaff Mtn, Boulder, CO

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July 03, 2012

In Denver, CO. Veiled mountain

In Denver, CO. Veiled mountain majesties call in the distance.

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