July 31, 2014

A couple of days with 4K Portland 2014

On July 9th, the 4K Portland and 4K San Francisco teams reached Boulder, CO. A number of alumni, including myself, got to spend and ride a couple of days with the team Portland, from Boulder into Wyoming. The team is an amazing group of people and were so welcoming to us; the experience left me happy and proud to be a part of the 4K family.

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June 08, 2014

4K for Cancer 2014 Sendoff & Day 1

On June 1st, this year's 4K teams started from Baltimore for their four destinations -- Seattle, San Diego, Portland, and San Francisco. I was able to go see the teams on their training day and ride out with the San Diego team on their first day, to Waldorf, MD.

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August 26, 2013

4K for Cancer Seattle 2013 - Seattle, WA

On August 10th, 2013, 4K for Cancer Team Seattle reached Victor Steinbruck Park near Pike's Place Market in Seattle, WA. The team had started riding their bikes in Baltimore, MD on June 2nd; 70 days and 4,400 miles later, they reached Seattle.

One of the Seattle 2013 ride directors was my friend and 4K Portland 2012 teammate, Brad. It was awesome to see him and his team reach their destination after such a special journey and experience.

For blogs the team kept during their ride, take a look at: 4kforcancer.org/follow-us/2013-baltimore-to-seattle/

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August 25, 2013

4K for Cancer Portland 2013 - Cannon Beach

On August 8th, 2013, 4K for Cancer Team Portland reached Cannon Beach, OR. The team had started riding their bikes at the Atlantic Ocean in Baltimore, MD on June 2nd; 68 days and 4,400 miles later, they reached the Pacific Ocean. I had the honor of driving their van and photographing their ride from Tillamook to Cannon Beach, as my team had done a year earlier.

For blogs the team kept during their ride, take a look at: 4kforcancer.org/follow-us/2013-baltimore-to-portland/

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September 29, 2012

Baltimore to Portland

May 28th, Waynesboro, PA to Bedford, PA

May 29th, Bedford PA


July 12th, Dubois, WY to Jackson, WY
We crossed Togwotee Pass going from Dubois to Jackson, WY; shortly after the pass, we caught sight of the Grand Tetons for the first time. This was a plenty-of-pictures day; we stopped constantly to marvel at the snow-capped Tetons so near and the Snake River separating us from the mountains.

July 13th, Hiking in the Grand Tetons (Jackson, WY)




July 21st, Twin Falls, ID to Mountain Home, ID

July 24th, Boise, ID to Cambridge, ID

August 25th, Cambridge, ID to Baker, OR
We rode from Cambridge to Baker through Hell's Canyon; these fields of view do very little justice to the starkness and majesty of the descent and climb into and out of the canyon.



July 30th, Bend, OR to Eugene, OR
From Bend we rode to Eugene across the Cascades, crossing at McKenzie Pass.
At the summit of the pass, we were surrounded by an ancient lava flow; we could see the incredible peaks of the Sisters from a small stone observatory building. After the summit, over 5300 feet above sea level, we had a terrific downhill towards Eugene. We descended to under 1000 feet for the first time since central Nebraska over a pretty short distance, across many gnarly curves!

August 1st, Corvallis, OR to Tillamook, OR

August 2nd: Tillamook, OR to Cannon Beach, OR!

August 3rd, Cannon Beach, OR to Beaverton, OR

August 4th, Beaverton, OR to Portland, OR!

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August 03, 2012

Blink and life flies by.

Blink and life flies by. Biking from the Atlantic to the Pacific is in my past now.

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August 02, 2012

Day 68 -- Tillamook to

Day 68 -- Tillamook to Canon Beach. Pacific Ocean, let's go!

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August 01, 2012

Day 67 -- Corvallis to

Day 67 -- Corvallis to Tillamook. We are really that far...

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July 31, 2012

Halfway to Corvallis. After that,

Halfway to Corvallis. After that, only Tillamook separates us from the Pacific.

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Before riding to Corvallis, Team

Before riding to Corvallis, Team Portland needs waffles. @4KPortland

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