June 28, 2012

The country from Franklin, NE

The country from Franklin, NE to Arapahoe, NE is gorgeous at sunrise!!


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#4kportland Cheers from Arapahoe, NE!!

#4kportland Cheers from Arapahoe, NE!!


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#4kportland Day 33 -- To

#4kportland Day 33 -- To Arapahoe, land of 4K legend. Lets go!


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June 23, 2012

#4kportland Iowa is not flat!!

#4kportland Iowa is not flat!! :)


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#4kportland Day 28 -- Atlantic,

#4kportland Day 28 -- Atlantic, Iowa, to Omaha, Nebraska.


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June 20, 2012

#4kportland Day 25 -- Wheatland

#4kportland Day 25 -- Wheatland to Marshalltown, with a pass by Cedar Rapids, Iowa!


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June 19, 2012

#4kportland Day 24 -- Iowa

#4kportland Day 24 -- Iowa here we come!


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June 18, 2012

#4kportland Day 23 -- 120mile+

#4kportland Day 23 -- 120mile+ day out of chicago, a TV appearance in the cards!


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June 16, 2012

@4kportland Day 21 -- Chicago

@4kportland Day 21 -- Chicago here we come!


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June 09, 2012

@4kportland winning

@4kportland winning


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June 08, 2012

#4kportland -- Cincinnati to Lexington,

#4kportland -- Cincinnati to Lexington, KY!


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June 07, 2012

Intro & Twelve Days

Hi! I am Venkatesh Srinivas; this summer, I am cycling over 4,000 miles, from Baltimore, MD, to Portland, OR!

I am riding with the 4K for Cancer, a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund; there are twenty-six riders headed to Portland and twenty-nine riders each on two other routes, to Seattle and San Francisco. Each one of the eighty-four riders raised at least $4,500 to ride; in total, we raised roughly a half-a-million dollars for the UCF.

Before the ride, I raised over $9,000 for the 4K; I'd like to thank my unbelievably generous donors for helping so much and making this ride and the programs it supports possible. Each donor has their own reasons for supporting me and the 4K; together the power of all these reasons and all these contributions help good work 'get done'.

This is the eleventh year of the 4K for Cancer; the program started as a student organization at my alma mater, Johns Hopkins, called the 'Hopkins 4K'. It expanded to a standalone non-profit in 2010 and merged with the Ulman Cancer Fund this year. The original program only had a Baltimore to San Francisco route; the Seattle and Portland rides were added last year.

On May 27th, all of the riders lined up in McKeldin Square in Baltimore's Inner Harbor and dipped our back tires into the Chesapeake Bay; we will dip our front tires into the Pacific Ocean at the close our journeys. On the Portland route, we will reach the Pacific on August 2nd, at Canon Beach, OR.

The first day of the Portland journey took us from Baltimore to Waynesboro, PA. This was part of the original San Franscisco route, so many alumni of earlier 4K incarnations rode with us.

Each team split into riding groups of four to six cyclists; on the first day, I rode with Nellie Honan, Jasper Curry, and Sophie Jin. Also riding with us was 2011 Baltimore-to-Seattle alumnus Elan Hourticolon-Retzler, a long-time friend and former co-worker. We rode out of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, up Calvert Street, and across University Parkway, along a route I had rolled along and trained on so many times. From there, we turned north along Roland Avenue, then Falls Road; and then into terra incognita.

Today is day 12 of our ride, a rest day; we are staying at Vineyards Westside Church in Cheviot, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati. We have only been riding for twelve days, but as a team, we have already faced new physical and mental challenges; we crossed the Appalachian mountains early in our route, we faced a twelve-hour day of solid rain. We have to figure out how to ride together; how to spend our time together. And how to draw support from and to provide support to each other.


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June 03, 2012

First week of #4kportland!! (@4KPortland)

First week of #4kportland!! (@4KPortland)


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#4kportland Day 8 -- Canton,

#4kportland Day 8 -- Canton, OH to Mansfield. Words a cyclist never wants to hear, early start.


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June 02, 2012

#4kportland at the host in

#4kportland at the host in Canton, OH after a fantastic day riding.


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#4kportland Day 7 -- Youngstown

#4kportland Day 7 -- Youngstown to Canton.


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June 01, 2012

Reached host in Youngstown! _So_

Reached host in Youngstown! _So_ glad to be here.


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#4kportland Day 6 -- Pittsburgh,

#4kportland Day 6 -- Pittsburgh, PA to Youngstown, OH!


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