August 04, 2016


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I am an engineer at Google in Madison, WI, where I work on the Andromeda software defined network. Prior to this, I worked on the virtual machine monitor powering Google Compute Engine and as a committer on the DragonFly BSD project. My professional interests include operating systems and performance analysis & optimization.

This is my personal weblog, for writing separate from the Sunday Morning Systems & Coffee weblog.

In the summer of 2012 I cycled from Baltimore, MD, to Portland, OR with the 4K for Cancer. The 4K was a unique experience in my life; I met amazing folks and saw such kindness across the country that I had never dreamed of. I recorded and photographed a small part of our journey and of 4K journeys after in an online journal, please take a look to follow along!

December 28, 2017

Organizations I have supported in 2017

"I have a little hope that America’s amazingly robust and wealthy civil society, which is unlike any other civil society in the world, ever, will change the situation, or will make it progress differently." - Masha Gessen, Apr 2017

Early in 2017, I committed to supporting a number of nonprofits; I wrote about the organizations I planned to support and why. I focused on civil society and on climate change organizations mostly, with a bias towards legal groups. I was inspired by DJ Capelis's post.

2017 brought disruptions, natural triggers were amplified into logistic and human disasters. 2017 brought old fears into new focus - nuclear proliferation foremost; also civil-military relationship strains, use and control of force questions. Progress addressing climate change has been disappointing. Attention and focus were difficult to sustain.

I did not foresee how 2017 would and did proceed.

The year also brought the incredible strength and depth of our civil society and their role in the public sphere into focus - legal organizations via lawsuits as expected, but policy and journalism organizations to educate and focus attention too. I did not know about whole classes of organizations in the policy and public education spaces just ten months ago, now I am deeply grateful to their works.

Breaking down my donations ---
By "area": image2.png
By organization: image1.png Top organizations:

Union of Concerned Scientists13.6%
Natural Resource Defense Council9.3%
Pro Publica5.6%
Electronic Frontier Foundation5.0%
Ploughshares Fund4.9%
American Civil Liberties Union4.9%
National Immigration Law Center4.5%
World Food Program3.6%
Global Zero3.0%
University of Washington Climate Impacts Group2.9%
Environmental Defense Fund2.75%
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project2.6%
International Medical Corps2.5%
Rocky Mountain Institute2.2%
International Rescue Committee1.9%
Freedom of the Press Foundation (Signal)1.6%
Team Rubicon1.3%
International Refugee Assistance Program1.25%
Brennan Center for Justice1.2%

For the most part, I donated to the organizations I committed to. Standout differences --

  • I did not expect to have to think about weapons control and nonproliferation; and I did not know about the work of Ploughshares or Global Zero at the start of the year
  • I did not know about smaller "think-tanky" environmental organizations, such as Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Resources for the Future, Ceres, etc. at the start of the year

I did not include donations to political candidates or organizations above.

I also began purchasing carbon offsets this year in bulk, as a direct means to mitigate unavoidable personal emissions and in excess of what zeroth-order "calculators" claim. I purchased 110 metric tons of offsets from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, from cooleffects, from the Colorado Carbon Fund, and from a private provider. (Not included above). I am not sure about the effectiveness of carbon offsets to in bulk to mitigate climate change and would appreciate any data or arguments either way. Without additional arguments, I plan to purchase offsets for ~1000 metric tons through the end of 2018.

March 21, 2017

Detect. Transmit.

2017 is the 40th anniversary of the launch of the twin Voyager spacecraft. I found this essay about Voyager on the Internet years ago - I don't remember where and I can't find any breadcrumbs. I'm sharing it, lightly edited, as one of the finest space program essays I've ever found.

Voyager sketch
Voyager sketch by @TychoGirl

To imagine what being the Voyager probe would be like, consider the following:

Your life begins, conceived during the mid-60s golden years of the space program.

The core concepts of your design are settled during the first years of that decade, and refined for fifteen years as different attempts are made to extend the reach of man's knowledge first to the skies, then to our nearest neighbors.

Your idea forms in an era of slide-rules and pencils, as astronomical calculations reveal a particularly fortuitous alignment of the outer planets in the coming decade, one that will slingshot you to the outer reaches of the solar system, hopping from planet to planet.

Continue reading "Detect. Transmit."

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