March 21, 2018

Organizations I'm supporting in 2018

Early in 2017, I committed to support a number of nonprofits and civil society organizations; I wrote about the organizations I planned to support and why: Organizations I'm supporting this year - broadly I planned to focus on civic and environmental groups. Last December, I looked back at the year and where I followed or deviated from plan: Organizations I've supported in 2017.

This year, I continue to support a broad set of nonprofits/organizations, primarily in civic and environmental sectors. New this year, I have added nuclear nonproliferation and science & society organizations (ex: Federation of American Scientists, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists) and the Center for Civilians in Conflict. Through the year, I plan to support the organizations below proportionally and to highlight specific work each/any does (such as policy papers/testimony/etc) that I think is important.


Union of Concerned Scientists15%
American Civil Liberties Union12%
Pro Publica8%Nonprofit newsroom; also serves as a resource for traditional news organizations
Environmental Defense Fund7%
Brennan Center for Justice5%
National Immigration Law Center4%
Natural Resource Defense Council4%
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project4%
Ploughshares Fund4%Grant-making nonprofit, focused on nuclear nonproliferation
University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, various4%
Rocky Mountain Institute4%Studies & writes on climate change, energy, and decarbonization
Center for Arms Control & Non-proliferation2%
Center for Democracy and Technology2%
Center for Civilians in Conflict2%
Federation of American Scientists2%Runs extraordinary Government Secrecy Project; provided recent comments on autonomous weapon systems
International Refugee Assistance Project2%
United to Protect Democracy2%
...17 others, <= 1%...

This does not include donations to candidates for office / PACs, raw data for those contributions are available on the FEC website. This does not include my carbon offset purchases at scale either.

I think public lists & commitments valuable to cast lights on work at civic nonprofits and to mobilize further support. If you know of any interesting civic, nonproliferation, or climate change nonprofits doing good work, I'd be interested to hear!


Posted by vsrinivas at 07:08 PM