June 08, 2014

4K for Cancer 2014 Sendoff & Day 1

On June 1st, this year's 4K teams started from Baltimore for their four destinations -- Seattle, San Diego, Portland, and San Francisco. I was able to go see the teams on their training day and ride out with the San Diego team on their first day, to Waldorf, MD.


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June 06, 2014

Trust Fall

Ally from my team shared this memory of our day on the 4K two years ago....

"When we got into the Grace United Methodist Church, the pastor took us outside to show us the backyard.
We proceeded to play outside all afternoon with me, Sohum and Dale climbing trees and then Yoshi leading
us in core exercises. There are so many moments that I look around and realize how quickly I have
grown to love this team. We were playing outside after doing core when we all ended up underneath
the pavilion chatting. We were kind of jumping around the area and I ended up standing on one of the picnic
tables. I jokingly turned around and said, “trust fall” like I was going to fall backwards. Everyone who was there
automatically put their arms out in front of them and all it took was for me to turn around and say “really? okay”
to go through with it and have no anxiety at all about it. Its a strange feeling but when it’s right, you just know."

I will add "And Kevin Cochran hiding my duffle bag in a tree."
Miss this EVERY DAY! #4Kforlife #4kportland2012


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